The Sketchbook project teamed up with The New Yorker to promote the new Showtime series "Penny Dreadful." The project guidelines were to explore and sketch out your darkest fears, with the overarching theme being "In the Shadows." The project was only open to the first 1,000 entries and only 8 were chosen to be featured in The New Yorker.

I was immediately drawn to this project, as the show itself was about exploring the unknown and our collective fears. Ultimately I was impressed that a big name TV station and a small project would reach out to its fans and other artists to promote and explore these concepts.
Preliminary Sketches - Death has always been a big fear but I decided to go with the one more prevalent and personal to my circumstances - my love of the ocean and great fear of its depths.
In the Depths - Final Submission to the project. Fear of depths comes from a very personal experience but it can have a multitude of meanings and relevance to similar fears. Whether that be fear of exploring emotional depths or fear of the oceans depths and ultimately the unknown.
Piece featured in the May issue of The New Yorker.
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